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Wealth Preservation and Protection

Safeguarding your future. Every day.

Preserving your wealth and properly planning for the accumulation, transfer and management of assets requires sophisticated counselors who never lose sight of the individual's needs and goals.  We represent a variety of clients, including business owners, financial institutions, non-profits and fiduciaries.  Creating and implementing innovative strategies to protect and preserve these important aspects with the least possible tax costs while keeping the personal nature of this practice in mind are the hallmarks of our attorneys practicing in this area.  We are diligent in our efforts to remain abreast of the latest laws governing wealth preservation and protection tactics.  Our team also remains knowledgeable regarding the complicated federal and state regulations that govern these controversies, including related litigation.

Working directly with the client and, where appropriate, the client's advisors and accountants, it is our goal to provide sound tax and business planning advice and to create a wealth preservation and protection plan that maximizes the client's goals in a manner that minimizes the time and expense of estate administration. Our probate & estate administration attorneys handle inheritance issues and can help you navigate court processes, payment of the deceased person's debts, distribution of property according to the decedent’s will, trust, or statutes of Texas, and probating a will.  We also handle a variety of creative asset protection strategies and estate and trust litigation to protect your inheritance and family.  In addition, our experience includes guardianship litigation to protect the rights of the proposed ward, respect the estate, and fight for the best interests of the proposed ward and we also work with applicants in Guardianships to aid in this process

Our wealth preservation and protection practice includes:

  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Estate Planning
  • Guardianships
  • Will and Trust Litigation and Tax Controversy

Estate and Trust Administration

Administering trusts and estates is a specialized practice area that is comprised of two parts.  The first area is probate, the state-mandated process by which the assets comprising a deceased person’s estate which are not held in trust or owned jointly with rights of survivorship are transferred to others while ensuring all debts are cleared. The second area, trust administration, is the process of managing assets held by a trust.  The Willis Law Group attorneys are adept at providing advice to trustees and executors to assist in making these matters run smoothly and efficiently.  Although this process is often made time-consuming and difficult, our experience in this area combined with our deep familiarity with local tax authorities and courts is extremely important to ensure these matters are streamlined and handled in the most efficient manner on behalf of our clients.

Estate Planning

Medical advances translate into many people living much longer lives.  It has never been more important to employ forward-looking and innovative planning for the future.  Our skilled counselors assist clients with estates of all sizes at reasonable rates.  With skilled foresight and careful planning, our attorneys are adept at assessing the personal goals of individuals and families to determine the best path possible in order to meet those goals while fulfilling the necessary legal and tax requirements.  Our experience includes all types of estate planning strategies from the more traditional such as wills and revocable trusts to the most sophisticated plans, including the use of irrevocable trusts and family limited partnerships.

Our attorneys are also experienced at representing corporations and other businesses in developing and implementing strategies for transitioning businesses in areas such as succession planning for a business owner’s death or retirement.  We also counsel private foundations, charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts regarding the best techniques for charitable giving.


As people age, diminished faculties and awareness are common which leave the elderly at risk for others to take advantage of this state of mind to steal their assets.  The best protection for our elderly loved ones is often the creation of guardianship relationships.  Similarly, this legal arrangement is often the right solution for adults with disabilities.  Our attorneys assist clients in obtaining guardianship rights and responsibilities, and will compassionately guide you through the legal process, and if necessary, defend your interests or that of a family member in the event of a dispute.  A guardianship can be a daunting process; we are here to guide and assist you and your family.

Will and Trust Litigation

Complex, contested estate and trust litigation is often distressful and emotionally charged.  Our team understands these dynamics and the need for a delicate manner in addressing these situations. Our experience includes the defense of executors and trustees in proceedings challenging the manner in which they have administered an estate or trust. We are also experienced in representing estate and trust beneficiaries in contested proceedings.