Construction Law

The Willis Law Group provides clients with complete legal services related to construction law, such as prosecution and defense of claims of construction delays, force majure events, insurance matters, liens and releases, contract and warranty issues, deceptive trade practices, bonds and more. Our attorneys are aware that construction-related disputes can cost time and money and we work toward fast resolution to legal matters. We provide arbitration and mediation but we're knowledgeable in the courtroom as well...looking to uphold your best interests.

The Willis Law Group's attorneys keep current on legislative changes and court decisions affecting construction law. We provide the following services related to construction law:

  • Bidding and Award Irregularities
  • Construction Delays
  • Lien Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Warranty Claims
  • Architectural, Geotechnical, Structural and Civil Design Deficiencies
  • Bond and Surety Matters
  • Foundation Failures
  • Sidewalk and Parking Lot Deficiencies
  • Subsurface Soil Investigations and Water Migration and Water Intrusion
  • Defective Insulation
  • Departure from A-Builts and Other Drawings, Specifications and Plans
  • Mold
  • Chemically Treated Soils
  • Grading and Drainage Issues
  • Property Inspection Representations
  • Construction Observation and Materials Testing
  • Pool Defects
  • Domestic and Chilled Water Supply Lines
  • High-Rise Condominiums


John W.  Bowdich

John W. BowdichOf Counsel

William J. Clay

William J. ClayPartner

Julia Daneshfar

Julia DaneshfarAssociate Attorney

J. Eric Elder

J. Eric ElderPartner

Adam Gallegos

Adam GallegosSenior Associate Attorney

Amos D. Pettis

Amos D. PettisSenior Associate Attorney

Amy Beth Pollock

Amy Beth PollockManaging Partner

Ashley P. Ramos

Ashley P. RamosAssociate Attorney

Jamie L. Saleh

Jamie L. SalehAssociate Attorney

Stewart Smith

Stewart SmithPartner

Susan B. Smith

Susan B. SmithPartner

Lu Ann Stout Margo

Lu Ann Stout MargoPartner

Linda Talbot

Linda TalbotAssociate Attorney

Kirk D. Willis

Kirk D. WillisCEO