White Collar Criminal Defense

White Collar crimes are typically federal offenses. And, when the feds come knocking, you want an experienced advocate on your side. Our experience includes participation in numerous internal investigations of national corporations and federal contractors. White Collar criminal defense trial experience includes the defense of insurance executives, state and local public officials, bank executives, and medical facility owners.

Administrative enforcement of regulatory schemes has evolved into FBI interviews and Grand Jury subpoenas.  The federal government has immense powers to regulate business. When a subpoena arrives, having the right advocate is imperative. The Willis Law Group has experience aggressively defending government investigations.  We are familiar with the process from document productions to witness interviews and negotiations, and help our clients emerge from a government investigation in the best shape possible. Whether you are the target of a grand jury subpoena, or a small company with documents the government wants, we have the talent to effectively protect your reputation without breaking the bank.

We have significant experience representing people in federal court who have been charged with a crime.  We have represented people charged with a broad range of white-collar crimes, including mail, wire, insurance and bank frauds.  Our experience also includes major construction companies, naval contract shipbuilding, the aerospace industry, the oil and gas industry, and multiple national hospital corporations.

Facing criminal charges involves immense personal stakes. We stand ready to assist and defend our clients in the difficult and frightening process of such investigations and charges.

Areas of Focus:

  • Financial Institutions
  • Health Care Institutions
  • IG Investigations
  • Government Contracts
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
  • Internal Investigations
  • State Investigations