The Benefits of Rapid Information

One of our unique skills at protecting our clients during a catastrophic event is our ability to provide an immediate legal presence at the scene of any crisis. Our presence ensures that our clients are protected by skilled counsel at all times during a crisis or other catastrophic event. For example, our firm was contacted by an oil & gas client following a fatal accident that involved the death of a pedestrian. Because of our firm’s presence throughout Texas, our attorneys were immediately on site to collect and secure as much information as possible. Our team interviewed nearly one dozen potential witnesses, including federal and state governmental officials, as well as high ranking corporate officers. Because of our diligent management of this crisis, our firm provided the client with a thorough understanding of the cause of the crisis and exposure to liability. This thorough understanding allows our clients to make informed business decisions about whether to settle or defend a case, and minimize the costs of litigation and uncertain investors.

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