Emergency Response Protocol –
A Unique Approach To A Strong Defense

The Willis Law Group understands that fast and immediate response is critical for helping clients for their immediate well-being, as well as helping them preserve evidence in later defending their interests. The Willis Law Group has the resources to handle emergencies and catastrophic losses with a fast response.  Our Emergency Response Protocol (ERP) department gets involved early. They work to preserve evidence, ensure a fair and impartial investigation of the evidence by the authorities, interview witnesses, and prepare early for litigation to come.

The Willis Law Group's Emergency Response Coordinator is Nicholas Messina. Nicholas Messina has been practicing law in Texas for more than a decade and understands the elements necessary related to ERP.  As The Willis Law Group's Emergency Response Coordinator, he has literally saved clients millions of dollars though proactive emergency response. 


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To get in touch with an ERP Coordinator, call 817-578-9249.